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Bart Gaens and Mikael Mattlin
for HSF Blog

Reverberations in the Indo-Pacific of the War in Ukraine

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has had significant ripple effects in Indo-Pacific security dynamics and ongoing great-power competition.

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Cordelia Buchanan Ponczek
for HSF Blog

When considering defence and deterrence, remember Poland

Poland is on track to be one of Europe’s most significant military powers. This naturally has effects on both European and NATO security and leverage.

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Mikael Wigell
for HSF Blog


Policymakers believed that growing interdependence would encourage states to abandon power politics in favour of cooperation and global marketplace. This belief has now been broken.

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Martina Klimes, Emma Hakala, Saara Leppänen and Aaron Salzberg
for HSF Blog

New Technologies Reshape the Geopolitics of Water and Climate

The geopolitical landscape of water and climate is changing due to innovation and technological evolution. How will it affect our capacity to respond to major global crises such as climate change and water insecurity?

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Session VI: Economic Security as National Security

The final session of HSF 2023 dived into the multifaceted world of economic security. Economic interdependence between countries is a product of globalisation, which, in the era of radical uncertainty, has proven to include both advantages and risks.

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Keir Giles, Stanislav Secrieru, Sinikukka Saari and Henry Foy pictured sitting and talking on stage at the Helsinki Security Forum 2023.

Session V: Rejecting Russian Spheres of Influence

Where and how must we reject Russian spheres of influence? The fifth panel of Helsinki Security Forum 2023 delved into the resistance to Russian influence both in neighbouring states and in the minds of Western decision-makers.

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