Helsinki Security Forum 2024 addresses the need for European total defence

In its search for unity, Europe needs a comprehensive approach to security to build resilient societies. Could the Finnish model of total defence serve as a blueprint for a broader European security architecture?

As the global security landscape continues to turn increasingly volatile, Helsinki Security Forum (HSF) 2024 will convene in Helsinki, Finland, providing a pivotal platform for international dialogue on foreign and security policy.

The third annual Helsinki Security Forum (HSF) will be held on 27–29 September 2024. This year’s conference is titled Towards a Total Defence of Europe – From Apathy to Action?

Helsinki Security Forum 2024 discusses different elements of security that are also part of Finland’s model of total defence. Comprehensive national security strategies and preparedness can be useful on a European level, says Kukka-Maria Kovsky, HSF Conference Director.

“Finland’s comprehensive approach integrates military and civilian resources, including the business sector, making us a forerunner in building resilience and preparedness. At HSF 2024, we want to highlight this approach and the expertise of FIIA researchers and Finnish experts.”

Finland is often applauded internationally for its high level of preparedness. The president of the Republic of Finland, Alexander Stubb, has called for other European countries to become more Finnish, more prepared. President Stubb acts as the patron of Helsinki Security Forum 2024.

Over the course of the three-day event, HSF brings together decision-makers, experts and media for an exchange of views on the various elements of total defence.

“We hope we can contribute in a positive manner to the security situation of our region, and more broadly”, Conference Director Kovsky says.

Most of the HSF discussions can also be followed through livestream.

Helsinki Security Forum is organised by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA). This year’s HSF is held with support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Ministry of Defence of Finland, the City of Helsinki and Patria. For the first time, HSF is also sponsored by NATO.

Updates on HSF 2024 will be published on HSF’s LinkedIn and website as well as FIIA’s social media channels.

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