Brings together decision-makers and experts to address pressing topics of international security.

The world and its security order as we have known it is in flux. Helsinki Security Forum brings together decision-makers and experts of the international security policy community to discuss the pressing security issues of our time.

What is HSF?

Helsinki Security Forum (HSF) contributes to a global network of security conferences, spotlighting issues of international security which are especially pertinent to Finland and its neighbourhood. HSF upholds a unique Northern identity in the intersection of the Baltic Sea, Europe, and the Arctic region.

HSF was established in 2022 by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA), and today it is a high-level, invitation-based event, bringing together over 200 decision-makers and international security and defence experts, and influencers.

The HSF hosts a diverse range of discussions on international security and defence issues, including defence capabilities, transatlantic security cooperation, emerging technologies, as well as economical, ecological, and societal dimension of security and defence.

Keir Giles, Stanislav Secrieru, Sinikukka Saari and Henry Foy pictured sitting and talking on stage at the Helsinki Security Forum 2023.

What is FIIA?

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) is an independent research institute that works in connection with the Finnish Parliament. The Institute produces analysis and research of a high academic standard on a broad range of topics related to international relations, security and defence, international economy and the European Union.

FIIA’s principal tasks are to conduct scientific research, support political decision-making and to participate in public debate both in Finland and internationally. FIIA publishes annually dozens of research papers and organises a significant amount of different types of events.

From 1961 to 2006, FIIA functioned as an independent research institute run by a private foundation. In 2006, the Institute was established by the Parliament of Finland. The Parliament provides funding for the primary operations of the Institute.

FIIA is autonomous in its research activities and is governed by a nine-member board, assisted by an advisory council and a scientific advisory council.