Henry Foy

Henry Foy is the FT’s Brussels Bureau Chief. He heads the newspaper’s coverage of EU foreign policy, relations between Brussels and other world powers, and the diplomatic intrigues between member states.

He also leads coverage of Nato, and the evolving defence and security issues affecting Europe, and has been at the heart of the FT’s continuing coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the western response to it.

Previously, Henry was the FT’s Moscow Bureau chief, where he interviewed Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin in summer 2019, a rare meeting between the Russian president and an international journalist where Putin made his historic declaration that the “liberal idea is obsolete.”

During his almost five years in Moscow, Henry charted the Putin regime’s descent into repression and autocracy, including the attempted assassination and jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the collapse of western cooperation with Russia and relations between the Kremlin and Donald Trump’s White House.

He has also held FT assignments in Warsaw, where he covered the eastern EU nations, and in London, as the newspaper’s global automotive correspondent. Henry joined the FT in 2013 from global news agency Reuters, where he was a correspondent in India.