“Finns understand that everyone has a role to play” – HSF Interview with Janne Kuusela on Finnish total defence

Janne Kuusela profile

Finland’s concept of total defence involves comprehensive national efforts, including civilian and military cooperation. What role does international cooperation play in Finland’s total defence strategy? It is up to each society to organise its functions to best support national total defence. This concept is prominently on the agenda of most, if not all, EU and…

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“National security is not an easy export product” – What can Europe learn from the Finnish model of total defence, Klaus Korhonen?

Ambassador Klaus Korhonen infront of a book shelf.

The theme of HSF 2024 is “Towards a Total Defence of Europe – From Apathy to Action”. How does this year’s theme reflect the current defence and security climate in Europe? I think it reflects it well from two different viewpoints. The first one is the need to strengthen European defence industry and industrial base,…

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