Tero Vauraste

MSc, Lt Cdr (Ret) Tero Vauraste is a Senior BD Advisor of ICEYE.

ICEYE is launching and operating a constellation of small radar imaging satellites, providing
access to timely and reliable Earth Observation data with a track record of 4 + years already.
Since ICEYE’s initial start in 2012, Vauraste has supported the founders in terms of market
approaches and platforming technology tests. Permanently joining ICEYE in 2020, Vauraste is Senior BD Advisor responsible of long term strategic client relations mainly on the governmental and defense sector. He is a member of the DG Defis Space Expert Committee.

Prior to ICEYE, Vauraste has served as a Naval and Coast Guard officer during 1991-1997 and
then he has held various CEO and Senior Executive positions within security, aviation,
automotive, maritime, rail, logistics and Arctic industries. During his career as a
commissioned officer he served in the Navy and in the Finnish Coast Guard as a CO of patrol
crafts and a CO of the Gulf of Finland District Special Unit.’

He has a Master of Science degree from the Leicester University (2002) in Risk, Crisis and
Disaster Management and he is currently a PhD Student at the National Defence Academy in
Finland researching security of supply.

During 2009-2018 he served as the CEO of Arctia Ltd, owner of the Finnish icebreaker fleet
with operations in the Baltic Sea and Arctic areas.

He has also held a long-term position of Chair/Vice Chair of the Arctic Economic Council
during 2014-2019. He is a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center Polar Programme in
Washington DC with and a Director and a Board Member of EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies. He has is own Arctic and Maritime Consulting Company, Mariadi Oy and he is an Emissary of the Arctic Circle.