Pekka Toveri

Major General Toveri served in the Finnish Defence Forces from 1985 to 2021. His over 35 years long career can be divided to three parts.

For around 13 years MG Toveri served in the troops, mainly in the Armoured Brigade, where he served three times as platoon leader, Tank Company Commander, Tank Battalion Chief of Staff, Commander of Armoured School and Commander of the Brigade. MG Toveri also served as the Commander of the Guards Jaeger Regiment.

MG Toveri served 10 years abroad, including two deployments in Bosnia and Afghanistan. He also served as the Finnish Liaison Officer to U.S. Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia, USA; as the Deputy Defence Attaché to Sweden and as the Defence Attaché to USA and Canada.

For 12 years of his career MG Toveri served in staff positions, mainly in the Finnish Defense Command J3 and J5. MG Toveri´s last assignment was to serve as the Director of the Finnish Defense Intelligence, from which position he retired.

He is currently working as a Board Member in two start-up companies and in a Cooperative Bank, as an Advisor to a Strategic Communications Company, and as a Consultant and Mentor for the General Staff Officer Students in the National Defense University. He holds also positions on Boards of three different Foundations.