Antti Kaikkonen

Antti Kaikkonen is Finland’s Minister of Defence, representing the Centre Party. Kaikkonen served as Minister of Defence in the Government of Prime Minister Antti Rinne from 6 June to 2 December 2019 and in the Government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin since 10 December 2019.

Having completed his general upper secondary education in 1993, he obtained a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki in 2014.

Antti Kaikkonen has been serving as an MP for the Uusimaa electoral district from 2003 without interruption. During his parliamentary career, Kaikkonen has acted as Vice-Chair of the Grand Committee (2004–2013) and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee (2015–2016). In 2016-2019, he chaired the Centre Party parliamentary group.

Kaikkonen has been a member of the municipal council of Tuusula since 1996. He has the rank of Captain in the reserve.